World First
Order Book AppChain

Unleash trading potential with record-low fees and high-yield opportunities

Redesigned DEX for Capital Efficiency

Elevate your trading experience with WASD3R.
Enjoy significantly lower gas fees,
effective trading strategies,
and complete prevention of MEV attacks.

Low Costs

Gas fees are up to 90% lower than major AMM DEX

Order Book

Connect API and trade effectively using CEX-compatible trading strategies

No MEV attacks

Sandwiches, front-runnings are not allowed by design

Profits from Every Transaction

Transaction fees are shared with all traders retroactively

Save gas fees by up to 90%, outperforming major AMM DEXs

No More Front-running: Trade with Confidence

Buy/sell order prices are fixed before attackers try to take advantage over you

WASD3R's Order Book
AppChain shapes the future of DEX

With WASD3R's Order Book AppChain, you sign your orders with your private key. Our system pairs these with counter orders and submits them to the Settlement Smart Contract on the Ethereum Mainnet.
This innovative approach guarantees lower gas fees and immunity against MEV attacks, while empowering you with complete control.

Start to Make More Today!

1. Connect your Metamask wallet

2. Transfer tokens

$WASD ecosystem (coming soon)

- Airdrops based on the transaction volume
- Trading fee sharing
- Fee discounts
- Staking rewards

Every Transaction Counts, Beginning Today!

We will launch on

Layer 2 chains

Embrace the evolution with WASD3R - the pioneering Order Book AppChain. We are set to contribute to the cross-chain messaging protocol.

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